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Stylist | Colorist | Extensions

Stylist Colorist Extensions


Stylist | Colorist | Extensions

Stylist Colorist Extensions


Stylist | Colorist | Extensions

Stylist Colorist Extensions


Stylist | Colorist | Extensions



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Great Lengths

100% Human Hair

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are made from 100% human hair and are  applied with two different methods depending on your hair type and the  look that you want to achieve. After extensive research Indian hair was  chosen as the superior and most suitable hair for extensions that will  blend in perfectly with your own hair and look superbly natural.


The Great Lengths Hair Extensions application method takes 1 to 4 hours,  and simply requires you to relax in the chair while one of our  extension specialists creates your new look. No other system treats your  hair in such a gentle but effective method, and this is because of the  superior bonding system of Great Lengths. The bond is a synthesized  keratin protein polymer, designed to mimic the structure of human hair.  In fact, the bond is so like human hair that it is able to expand and  contract with your natural hair to ensure long lasting results. Most  importantly after the bonding is dissolved using the Great Lengths  removal solution your hair is in a natural state with no damage to the  cuticle.


The process of the consultation with our stylist is an important step to  ensure the desired outcome for the Great Lengths Hair Extensions is  achieved. The color, length, cut, style, finished look, maintenance and  pricing must all be decided. There are 40 natural shades and 14 fashion alternate color shades to  choose from. The hair can be further personalized to exactly match your  natural color and style. There is a choice of four lengths ranging from 8  to 24 inches, depending on how many strands needed the price will vary  for the desired look. With regular maintenance which includes brushing  daily with our soft bristle Great Lengths brush the extensions can last  up to six months. However it is recommended that after approximately 3  months some strands will need to be replaced.


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